UltronVR is a virtual reality content design and development company connecting the real world to the virtual environment and vice versa. Optical tracking is a type of motion capture that uses cameras and markers to determine the position and orientation of an object. That means that by sticking small, spherical markers onto physical objects, UltronVR can map them into virtual reality. The technology tricks a person into thinking that their virtual environment – or at least parts of it – is real. A chair can become a front seat of a car, or a cup can become a cocktail glass or basketball.

How they’re disrupting

UltronVR is unique in that it enables optical mapping onto any physical object. This application has huge application across a range of sectors – all of who are developing new products and services using the latest advances in virtual reality.

Disruption potential

China boasted a $300 million virtual reality market in 2016. UltronVR is offering complete hi-tech business solutions to clients, operating across a range of business sectors, such as automobile, real estate, tourism and health-care.

Investments and future

No public data on investment has been published. UltronVR is creating a significant business in China alone but expanding to new locations is on the cards.