This enterprising app allows users to find, track and cancel their paid subscriptions in an instant, saving both time and money. First off, it allows users to know exactly what charges they’re receiving every month from paid subscriptions like Netflix and gym memberships. But it also covers recurring bills and utilities too, such as direct debits for fuel. Unwanted or fraudulent subscriptions and free trials can be cancelled in a matter of seconds. The app allows users to stay on top of their finances, and also top-up using Truebill’s subscription tracking tools. Truebill will instantly notify the user of any changes to their subscriptions and recurring bills.

How they’re disrupting

This slick app is designed to make managing subscriptions easier, something that is bound to appeal to millenials in particular. It also helps users save money off their bills and subscriptions – up to $512 per year on average (based on current users).

Disruption potential

Last year, there were 21.4 million visitors to online subscription retailers. Many online subscriptions start with free trials but require the customer to actively stop their subscription before it moves onto a monthly pay status. Many of us simply forget.

Investments and future

Having initially raised $350,000 through Y Combinator they recently closed a further $1.4 million from a number of investors including Social Capital, Sherpa Capital and Transmedia Capital. Online subscriptions are a popular retail tool for securing regular revenue by business’ worldwide – large and small. Truebill is a service that any online shopper is able to access and save money through, so its future market is truly global and significant in size.