For parents who don’t wish to share photos of their children publicly on social media websites, Tinybeans offers a great alternative. It is a private network app that allows parents to easily record and securely share pictures of their children with a relevant group of people who genuinely want to see them grow up. With the uploading of photographs and precious moments, Tinybeans essentially becomes a child’s online journal.

It allows parents to keep all their memories in one place and print easy photo books. It also tracks milestones, so can be used to monitor such things as speech delays in children.

How they’re disrupting

At a time when people are turning away from traditional social media platforms to post original content, Tinybeans is offering a niche network to share personal photos and information.

Disruption potential

Roughly 350,000 babies are born every day across the world. As of November 2016, Tinybeans had safely stored over 50 million moments.

Investments and future

So far, the start-up has raised AUS$2 million in funding from a consortium of high net worth private investors across Sydney. The team now hopes to expand globally, particularly in China and India.