Tellus Labs provides planet-wide solutions to planet-wide problems by using data gathered from space. Largely this data comprises a combination of satellite imagery together with remote-sensing, meteorology and plant bio-physiology. By translating raw Earth data into real vital signs for the planet, Tellus Labs answers critical, time-sensitive questions relating to the economy and environment. In recent years, for instance, the company has been able to deliver some of the earliest forecasts of the US corn and soy harvest, thus helping famers manage their crops better. It is also providing a geospatial data platform, pairing old weather data with new modelling engines to create clearer environmental visions of the world. In this way, the company says it is delivering “deep, living maps of the planet”.

How they’re disrupting

Tellus Labs is widening the aperture of what’s possible from space. By focusing on high-value sectors, the company is reducing customers’ uncertainty by giving them daily scientific results on a global scale. The technology allows scientists to go from concept to a customer-ready signal at an unprecedented pace.

Disruption potential

In the US alone, $125 per hectare can be saved in the unnecessary use of fertilisers – not only helping save money but also the environment. Moreover, every inch of our planet can be supported by this satellite technology, which means every person on our planet will benefit as our farmers become better at managing their crops.

Investments and future

Tellus Labs has received $3.1 million in seed funding, including $100,000 from winning the top Diamond Award from MassChallenge 2016.