TeacherGaming Desk is a one-stop solution for game-based learning, from Finnish-based company 5 More Minutes Ltd. It brings together everything a teacher needs to get started with using entertainment games in their classroom in one service. To bring the best game content to schools TeacherGaming Desk work with entertainment game studios that have been practising flow experience and engagement creation for decades. The games are hand-picked from the app stores and platforms like STEAM, and some of them are played by millions of players at home. Using their app, teachers automatically find the appropriate game content and tools to share the experiences from within the game with their class to deepen the learning.

How they’re disrupting

The target market is the school material chain (school books, apps, e-content), where high production costs can still lead to average quality. Educational games have been struggling to enter this market for decades without notable success prior to Minecraft. TeacherGaming Desk is disrupting the market by bringing the high cost content from another value chain: entertainment games B2C-market. By bringing a hand-picked selection of entertainment games to schools, they can provide superior engagement and quality at the fraction of the cost. In fact, for entertainment value chain, they are providing extra revenue and great conversion of users from schools to home.

Disruption potential

The game-based learning industry is currently worth around $10 billion a year. The e-learning content market is around $50 billion. Also relevant is the $100 billion revenue made by the gaming industry in 2016, showing the growing appetite across the world to play games.

Investments and future

So far, TeacherGaming Desk has secured a total of €900,000 in funding. €350,000 seed funding has come from Tekes, a Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, while €400,000 is funded from the company’s previous exit (MinecraftEdu to Microsoft). They are also funded by Creatubbles, a safe global community for creators of all ages. Their goal is to be a gatekeeper in entertainment games made for impact, social change and for ‘serious topics’ in the next few years. The service will be available for parents in the near future.