Sunlight is a programme that encourages and facilitates businesses to invest in their employees’ skills and education. Bosses provide a monthly or yearly budget to their team, and members can then go ahead and spend it on Sunlight’s curated marketplace. Books, courses, conference tickets and more are available to aid with learning, and what is purchased is logged so that other members of the team can join in or encourage. There is also a chatbot concierge who provides conversation and recommendations based on your interests, so choices can be personalised to each individual or team.

How they’re disrupting

The programme is easy to manage and employers can top up or edit the budget any time they wish. Its simplicity and effectiveness is making it an appealing option for employers – many of whom prefer to give their employees educational incentives and rewards over cash bonuses, as they can offer better overall value for the company.

Disruption potential

In 2015, America spent $355 billion on staff training. Its annual growth rate stands at 10.4%. Sunlight is providing businesses with an alternative to expensive consultant training by offering bespoke online programmes for your team.

Investments and future

Sunlight has received £125,000 from Seedcamp, and are currently closing their seed round of funding. Sunlight has global ambitions that go far beyond its European roots, and plan to release their platform publicly in the coming months.