Streetbees is taking an ambitious approach towards market research, collecting real-time data from real people on the ground. Believing no data in the consumer sector to be “beyond its reach,” it uses unique conversational-research technology to capture true moments of engagement and real-life habits. Using AI and geo-location technology, Streetbees can launch any study within 24 hours and display its verified results in real time. Results are obtained through mobile and web surveys via the Streetbees app, and on-the-ground interviews. As such, it can provide in-the-moment insights on a whole host of topics, including habits and attitudes, mobile ethnography plus live ad testing. It can also provide data on real-time opinion polls, voting intention, citizen satisfaction, the mobile youth pulse and student engagement. In addition to this, Streetbees provides live retail intelligence by monitoring prices and promotions, as well as space on shelves.

How they’re disrupting

Market research is already big business across the globe, but getting real-live results from disparate communities across the world moves this service sector into a whole new level. Streetbees is also disrupting the media. For instance, the company recently provided valuable real-time data and opinion polls during the political upheavals in Turkey, the data from which was used as the basis for several news articles.

Disruption potential

In 2016, the global revenue from the market research industry exceeded over $44 billion. Streetbees technology has the potential to provide more accurate and detailed research results than existing tools.

Investments and future

The company has received $5.1 million from BGF Ventures, Octopus Ventures and Local Globe. Streetbees claim to have the ability and ambition to access any group, worldwide.