StoreDot’s ‘FlashBattery’ system seeks to revolutionise how quickly people can charge their electronic devices. The system relies on an entirely new Lithium ion battery structure, which uses innovative compounds synthesised in its labs to dramatically reduce charging time.

The battery system works like a highly dense energy sponge that soaks up enough power to run in just five minutes, storing it to last an entire day. The FlashBattery architecture also withstands sufficient charge/discharge cycles, thereby allowing fast charging without the need to replace the battery over the phone’s lifetime. Competing technologies are based on heavy and toxic metals. By contrast, StoreDot’s organic compounds are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Moreover, they are readily available and manufactured at a fraction of the cost.

How they’re disrupting

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the FlashBattery is set to revolutionise phone charging. This unique technology not only has the potential to become the ultimate fast-charging standard in mobile devices, but also in electric power tools, toys, home appliances and others. StoreDot have announced they are in the advanced stages of development for electric vehicles using their FlashBattery technology, with their battery pack offering up to 300 miles on a five minute charge.

Disruption potential

By 2020, there should be 6.1 billion smart phone owners. The ability to charge a smartphone fully and safely in five minutes clearly has a global market.

Investments and future

The company has received $66 million in funding, including from Roman Abramovich, and a recent series C funding round headed up by Samsung Ventures and Singlariteam. With more proof of the charging capabilities of the FlashBattery system, StoreDot is set to scale worldwide, quickly.