Solu is the world’s smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating interface system. Designed to work as a natural extension of a person’s mind, it is revolutionising the way people use computers by mimicking the functionality of their brain. Its interface is designed around zooming in and out of cells. This allows projects and applications to be ordered using simple natural gestures – and makes the process of opening separate applications and files redundant. Linked to the Solu Cloud, this clever operating system removes the hassle of back-ups, software installations and storage. The cloud will store data and settings automatically – so nothing is ever lost. Unlike other cloud computers, Solu also works offline, synchronising data as soon as it is reconnected to the Internet. The computer itself is pocket-sized, but can be used as a stand-alone device or connected to a screen or keyboard for a full desktop experience. Solu is offered as a computer-as-a-service, with users choosing to pay for it monthly.

How they’re disrupting

Solu OS is the first operating system to use cloud as its key component, while still allowing users to work and connect offline. Designed to make collaborative working easier, it allows more than one person at a time to access and edit documents. With clever algorithms, Solu manages to synchronise this in real time.

The operating system is packaged into a tiny wooden pocket computer with its own screen and battery, but is also one of the most powerful mobile devices ever created, being more than 10 times faster than other Mini PCs capable of running Android applications. The virtually unlimited storage of Solu Cloud combined with SoluOS ensures that data and tools are never lost and are always available and cached on the device for easy access – even when offline.

Disruption potential

Almost 300 million personal computers were sold worldwide in 2016. Most of these sold units not being much different to the first Amstrads on offer in the 80s.

Investments and future

The Solu OS had $1.3 million as start-up seed. They are now ready to sell wholesale worldwide.