Slide offers a hassle-free commute in a shared ride-to-work service – the first of its kind in the UK. Currently operating in Bristol, users simply use the Slide app to book their ride in advance or up to 10 minutes before travel. They then walk to their nearest Slide pick-up spot and wait for their lift. Algorithms are used to pair commuters with similar journeys, and Slide promises that the journey will not be delayed by more than 15 minutes due to fellow rider pickups.

How they’re disrupting

In Bristol, the problems of traffic congestion are compounded by the increasing number of residents’ parking zones, which can make parking at work tricky, if not impossible. Using Slide means no driving, no parking, no fumbling for cash – just simple, hassle-free travel, five days a week.

Disruption potential

The average person in the UK spends £148 a month on commuting, while traffic congestion costs the economy £4.3 billion a year, a figure that is rising with the growing population.

Investments and future

The company, which is a project of RATP Dev, has received no external funding from outside its parent company. Its current focus is on Bristol, but it hopes to unveil Slide in other UK cities soon.