With Simplify, everyone’s an Internet provider. Simplify’s mission is to create a sharing economy in the mobile broadband space and bring affordable Internet for everyone. All you need to do is to turn on your mobile hotspot, set a price and start selling like Vodafone. Simplify enables sellers to set up their hotspots at one tap, through their app, with a WiFi password created automatically. Simplify users connect to the secured WiFi without having to ask or key in any password, as it is matched and authenticated seamlessly in the background.

How they’re disrupting

For a long time, telecommunications has been a protected industry. While mobile carriers cap our data and impose hefty roaming charges abroad, Simplify empowers data-sharing for everyone independently, regardless of data plans. It lets users connect and pay in local currencies too. You only require one Simplify account for all your devices (including tablet).

Disruption potential

Sharing economy like Simplify wrestles the bargaining power back to consumers. Simplify are focusing on international travellers: with 60% of international travellers not purchasing a foreign SIM card and solely relying on Wi-Fi, there is significant disruption potential.

Investments and future

Simplify are currently bootstrapped, although a number of investors have expressed their interest in investing. Simplify hope to fill every shop, hotel, shopping mall, tourist spot with Simplify hotspots. The team is also currently prototyping a Simplify internet drone to provide autonomous, self-organising hotspots.