Simpla is a new way to create dynamic HTML content. Put simply, it’s a collection of new and dynamic HTML elements, that can be used to code and update content on websites. This allows users to edit seamlessly inline, without losing the benefits of a traditional CMS (content management system). Simpla doesn’t need admin areas or forms. It allows the user to build blogs, create collections, localise content, all using HTML and Javascript. Simpla runs on the frontend, powered by a cloud API (application programming interface), and it works with any stack or framework, so no server is needed.

How they’re disrupting

Simpla isn’t an app, it’s an open ecosystem of content tools, allowing users to grab the pieces of code they need, create their own custom elements and build something fantastic. Taylor Savage (of Google) said, “By leveraging the future of the web to its fullest extent, Simpla has created something previously impossible.

Disruption potential

Right now, there are 644 million active websites. Simpla, could be the solution for many website content writers’ headaches, saving time and money.

Investments and future

No public data on investment is available. Simpla wants to become the go-to tool for all website content writers.