Sensio AIR’s unique and patented allergen tracker helps people identify what allergens are triggering their symptoms. Its clever sensor uses biochemistry and nanotechnology to identify allergens in the air that might trigger allergic reactions such as eczema or asthma. These include common irritants (such as pollen, dust mites, pet fur and mould), but also harmful gasses and smoke, as well as other environmental factors (such as humidity and light intensity). By monitoring these factors, the Sensio AIR provides a unique statistical tool for smart patient assessment, allowing the user and their doctor to understand and diagnose symptoms with the help of a hard-fact air-quality index.

Logging symptoms and linking them to specific allergens means that for the first time, sufferers will be able to know exactly what’s in the air when they have a reaction. Using this data, a tailor-made proactive strategy can then be drawn up, improving the well-being of the sufferer.

How they’re disrupting

More often than not, people with allergies simply don’t know what’s triggering them. This technology allows sufferers to understand what exactly it is they are allergic to, enabling them to limit their exposure to it and subsequently improve their health. For business owners, the use of Sensio AIR will mean less people off sick and improved productivity.

Disruption potential

It’s estimated that by 2050, over half the world’s population will be allergy-prone. Unlike most allergy medication, however, the Sensio AIR allows sufferers to pinpoint exactly where their allergic reactions are coming from and do something about them.

Investments and future

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