Psious is a VR clinician toolkit designed to allow therapists to administer and control VR exposure therapy (VRET). The therapy is delivered on a smartphone app via the Samsung Gear headset and uses gradual exposure to diagnose and treat anxiety disorders. The therapist treating the patient uses the web platform to gain intuitive control over the patient’s virtual experience, allowing them to monitor every stimuli and its effect. They can then adapt the experience to patient’s needs, and visualise their psychological and physiological response through integrated bio-feedback, an invaluable part of the treatment process.

How they’re disrupting

Access to VR technology has been difficult for many healthcare providers due to its expense and its inaccessibility for those not technologically advanced. Psious are changing this by making it easily available though just a smartphone and VR goggles, and it works with standard consumer-grade equipment.

Disruption potential

Globally, 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety, and the World Health Organisation claims that around 80% of the population has a phobia of some kind.

Investments and future

The company closed its first Seed financing round at $1 million, expandable to $1.5 million, back in 2015. Psious is now being used by more than 90 mental healthcare professionals in the private sector and clinical trials are soon set to begin at Stanford University and John Hopkins Hospital in the US.