In Ukraine, people are not used to the controlled spending of public funds. Instead, corruption among officials is rife. Until recently, the country relied heavily on paper-based tenders, which made abuses by government-procuring entities entirely possible. The system was also complicated and inconvenient for suppliers and did not provide the opportunity for public and professional control.

How they’re disrupting

ProZorro is a public e-procurement system that has replaced the old paper-based state tenders. It is forcing down the level of corruption – saving millions of pounds.  ProZorro is picking up recognition, and became a learning project for the World Bank in an attempt to promote openness in public contracting.

Disruption potential

The potential economic benefit from the public procurement reform may reach 60 billion UAH (£1.7 billion) per year. ProZorro has also been considered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a possible eProcurement reform model.

Investments and future

The Ukrainian government has adopted ProZorro services – cutting $2 billion in corruption so far. ProZorro now has the potential to be utilised in other countries and regions where corruption in the public services supply chain is rife.