SecurelyShare is suite of information security solutions from Pawaa that offer the easiest way to encrypt and share documents. The technology integrates with the Outlook mail server, enabling files to be shared and tracked securely. A user simply attaches their files, specifies the recipients, uses a one-time password to aid encryption and sends them over. The files then expire after a set time.

How they’re disrupting

Sending important data electronically is essential for business, yet with cyber security concerns growing, protecting confidential and sensitive material is more critical than ever. SecurelyShare offers safe protection via encryption at the click of a button.

Disruption potential

The managed file transfer market is due to reach over $1.5 billion by 2020. With most businesses relying on safe and quick transfer of documents digitally, the market has space and budget for SecurelyShare’s services.

Investments and future

Pawaa closed a relatively small Series A investment of $400,000 back in 2009, funded entirely by KITVEN Fund. The company has since been acquired by IT giant CISCO. With CISCOs global distribution power, SecurelyShare is set to scale fast.