mPedigree is using mobile and web technologies in securing medical products against faking and counterfeiting. More than 2,000 people die annually from falsified and sub-standard medicines. By powering partnerships, as well as delivering cutting-edge supply chain transformation technologies, mPedigree renders services to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and consumable companies with the shared goal of protecting consumers, enriching their lives and transforming their communities through a cleaner and better supply chain.

How they’re disrupting

mPedigree is blocking the supply chain of counterfeit medicines. Its technologies ensure that correct brands are delivered to the right people, protecting them against the nasty stuff on the market. By regulating supply chains and consumer safety domains, their technologies will have large scale impact on public health. In 2014 mPedigree was used to help set manufacturing rules for certain categories of medicines in Nigeria, and in Ghana it was made an industry-wide standard solution to counterfeiting.

Disruption potential

Experts believe the counterfeit medicine trade is worth about $700 billion a year. It’s one of the few anti-counterfeiting solutions in Africa, and with expansions in agricultural products, makeup, textiles and electric cables it is expanding its reach considerably.

Investments and future

mPedigree have been funded exclusively through revenues to date. Counterfeit medicines are not a problem in Nigeria alone. mPedigree wish to take their learning from the Nigerian health market into further neighbouring East African countries.