Mezi is a personal assistant for all things travel-related and offers a seamless experience for busy professionals and frequent travellers alike. The user simply tells Mezi – a text service on an app – where they want to go, and its AI digitally-powered assistant will provide as much service as they want, from booking flights and hotels, to reserving top restaurants and entertainment, to taking care of cancellations or changes to plans along the way. Because Mezi stores information from each interaction with its users, the app learns a traveller’s preferences and requirements over time, and applies this knowledge to future conversations and to the decisions it makes about which itineraries will prove most appealing for the user.

How they’re disrupting

Mezi is disrupting the travel industry by providing assistance across a wide range of topics, from booking hotels to choosing holiday gifts. Importantly, it makes booking and cancelling accommodation and activities seamless, and works in real time alongside the user. It demonstrates how AI is poised to transform online travel agencies, airlines, hotels and even local activities businesses, by offering people a white-glove service, instead of providing tools for them to do it themselves at home. The app originally worked as a personal shopper, but has switched to focus on travel, as this is where the real business lies.

Disruption potential

Travel is already one of the largest industries in the world, and global outbound travel is predicted to grow yet again in 2017, with estimations standing at around 4-5%. The USA and Asia are the two largest geographical drives.

Investments and future

Mezi has received $11.8 million in 2 funding rounds from a total of 5 investors, including American Express Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners Mezi plans to continue to develop its AI capabilities, and aims to become the go-to travel platform for corporate travel.