LEIA 3D is designing the ultimate interface to the digital world, making holographic reality friendlier, more intuitive, and more like the real thing. Their patented Holographic Reality platform combines hardware innovation and special software to create a new medium on which to experience the virtual world. It differs from the 3D displays on the market as no glasses or eye-tracking are required, and a host of people can view the effect from a wide field of view – roughly 60 degrees.

How they’re disrupting

LEIA 3D’s core revolutionary technology is based on Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting or DLB™, which creates a precisely tuned lightfield behind the LCD front plane. This results in stunning naked-eye holographic imagery with content appearing to come out of the screen and changing aspect continuously with head movement, like an object in the real world. Since the front-facing element of the display is a regular LCD panel, it is readily compatible with touch technologies and can be integrated into any screen. It can also switch between displaying 2D and 3D content, without any hardware or software changes.

Disruption potential

The consumer virtual reality market is expected to be worth $5.2 billion by 2018.

Investments and future

The company received $25 million in investment in 2014, and they are currently closing their series B funding round. They are launching a smartphone device in partnership with International media, Telco and content group Altice this year.