LegalBeagles offers a comparison website of law firms, then uses technology to match people with legal problems to the right law firm. In doing so, it offers the best access, advice and advocacy when people most need it, and at the best fee. This approach creates transparency, trust and a genuine exchange of value between lawyers and their customers. Founder Ms Briscoe said: “We want to create a one-stop shop so consumers can see whether a company is dodgy or not.”

How they’re disrupting

Claims companies have never been listed and compared in this way before, and their fees vary widely. Unlike other mainstream comparison websites they don’t have a bias towards the companies they charge a fee, making them completely impartial when they list their rankings, which can be ordered via price, location or suitability.

Disruption potential

Last year a poll showed that almost 30% of UK residents who had an issue did not reach out for legal advice. With cuts in legal aid, more and more people are shying aware from seeking professional help due to perceived costs. By being bold and making pioneering decisions, LegalBeagles are changing how people buy legal services forever. The comparison website had around 2.3 million visitors last year.

Investments and future

The company was offered £7 million last year for majority ownership of the forum, but declined the offer because they “could not guarantee what would happen to it”. Their comparison website, however is a fully commercial venture and has raised £350,000 in investment from seven private individuals. With much of the world using English Common Law, LegalBeagles has ambitions to help individuals beyond the UK.