Kredibel works in three distinct ways to combat online fraud in Indonesia’s informal online market. The first is an online form where users who have been cheated by online fraudsters can submit complaints. The second is a verification process for online sellers, who can be whitelisted if they pass all criteria, thus proving they are a legitimate company. Thirdly, Kredibel provides a search tool, where users can search online merchants, finding out if they are who they say they are and if anyone has ever filed a complaint against them.  The startup charges a fee from online stores that wish to get verified.

How they’re disrupting

The system makes sense in Indonesia’s informal online selling environment. Many merchants operate stores on messaging apps or Instagram where buyers aren’t given enough background information and don’t know if they are rogue traders or not.  This system makes buying goods online a much safer and transparent process.

Disruption potential

80% of Indonesian transactions are via e-commerce. So for a population of 250 million, creating an environment that better ensures the customer is protected from online fraud is significant.

Investments and future

Kredibel received pre-seed investment for $5,000 from Oscar Darmawan. Kredibel plans to roll out across SE Asia after Indonesia.