Knowble provides people who are learning languages with personalised, relevant and interactive news articles to use as their main source of learning material. It does this by using AI, which optimises the personalised content it displays, thus making practising vocabulary targeted and fun. The news articles are always up-to-date and interesting, and the learning process proven scientifically, with every single algorithm targeting a specific language acquisition component.

How they’re disrupting

Knowble is providing a natural way of learning. By basing it on an online news-reading experience most people are familiar with, it means users have to make zero effort to get used to the platform of learning. They simply click on a target word and receive all the relevant information they need. Unlike other language-learning programmes, content creation costs are also minimised through the automatised selection of material.

Disruption potential

Early this year, Technavio said it expected the global natural language processing market to top $11 billion by 2019. The foreign language learning market is forecasted to be worth $35 billion by 2020. With most of the world’s population being avid readers of news, both local and global, the use of personalised news articles as a source of language learning is a smart and potentially profitable move.

Investments and future

Knowble are self-funded to date. They are planning to launch their own user-centred product in the near future.