Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through a moment-based rewards platform. Instead of intrusive mobile advertising, Kiip allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate relevant content and rewards into mobile apps. In this way, most people do not even notice they are being advertised to. It does this by using “moments marketing,” which aims to push rewards at the most relevant moment to the consumer. For instance, when an app sees that you have just finished running, a brand like Smartwater could reward you with a 20% off coupon. Kiip co-founder and CEO Brian Wong said: “A lot of the ways brands have showed up on mobile in the past have been annoying, not contextual and not respectful of the fact you’re doing something. Kiip is a very respectful mobile advertising experience.”

How they’re disrupting

Kiip is disrupting the market by revolutionising mobile advertising in a way where it’s embraced by users and developers alike. By targeting relevant ads to mobile actions (moments), they are curating a positive user experience and industry renowned engagement rates. This leads to swarms of action-based mobile data that has been collected over the past 7 years, which they are now making available to brands. To date, Kiip’s rewards platform is embedded in 5,000 mobile apps and delivers anywhere from two to three million rewards every day. Kiip works with brands including Coca-Cola, Smucker’s, Campari, The Home Depot, Marriott, Advil and KitKat.

Disruption potential

The global ownership of mobile phones together with the market size of e-commerce – provides Kiip with 90% reach to the world’s population.

Investments and future

Kiip has received $32 million in funding, including $12 million in a series C funding round lead by North Atlantic Capital. Kiip is disrupting to the tune of 150 million unique devices per month and intend to grow their impact by scaling our unique, moments method across all mobile and connected devices.