JobGrouper allows companies to secure industry-leading talent globally at an affordable price. Using a group-buy method, companies can share the cost with others, hiring grant writers, courtesy drivers, start-up marketers and web designers at affordable prices. For those looking to hire, be they a start-up or group of neighbours seeking a housekeeper, hiring is cheaper and easier in groups. The system also works for those looking to get hired. Instead of picking up a variety of one-off jobs and not knowing where the next paycheck will come from, JobGrouper can turn part-time gigs into the equivalent of a full-time salaried position.

How they’re disrupting

Increasingly, the world’s work force is working flexibly and part-time. Companies want top talent, but not necessarily on a full-time basis, while talented people want regular employment and a good paycheck at the end of each month without necessarily losing their freedom.

Disruption potential

In 2017 there are 10,000 more people working part-time in Britain alone than compared to the previous year.

Investments and future

No investment data has been made public. JobGrouper is expanding the languages it is available in to widen its reach (currently the website has Chinese and English options), and are focusing on expanding their client base.