Healx finds possible treatments for rare diseases by finding new uses for already-approved drugs. Using their proprietary technology, Healx identifies which drugs or compounds could be matched for treatment for rare diseases, highlighting them for further testing. Healx works directly with patients to discover the key symptoms that need treatment, in order to focus on creating a direct response that aims to give them a better quality of life.

How they’re disrupting

A combination of advanced data analytics, genomic profiling and natural language processing has given Healx a new technique for discovering connections between drugs and diseases. This technology allows matches to be found much more efficiently, both in terms of time and money.

Disruption potential

Out of the 350 million people globally who live with a rare disease, 99% don’t have a viable treatment. With drug repurposing saving years and millions of dollars worth of development in comparison to standard drug discovery – as well as upping the success rate by 20% – there is a huge potential for growth.

Investments and future

The company has received $1.8 million in funding, with investments from Jonathan Milner and Amadeus Capital Partner. The firm says it will use the money to expand its technology platform and accelerate the drug review process, in hope of finding treatments to more illnesses.