Hadean is the only technology in the world that can effortlessly analyse any sized data set. Currently, innovation is being crippled by big data infrastructure that is “stacked up,” with existing algorithms running on top of millions of lines of complex code. This makes for a cumbersome process full of complications. Writing just one algorithm can take a single scientist many hours, and to release the algorithm into production at scale can take an engineering team months. Hadean lets a single developer deploy and run algorithms at massive scale from the command-line in minutes, and without the need for any engineering, maintenance or infrastructure support. In this way, it makes previously impossible objectives become possible. It also liberates developers and brings a faster delivery time to market.

How they’re disrupting

Hadean is redesigning the data stack expressly for big data. Its cloud-based platform enables data science algorithms to run at any scale, resulting in exponentially faster product release across a range of businesses, including analytics, finance, healthcare, genomics and consumer.

Disruption potential

By 2021, it’s estimated that the big data market will be worth around $66 billion.

Investments and future

Hadean has raised $2.6 million in its seed round. The potential of this company is significant as more and more organisations seek to find value in the data they hold.