Technical positions are increasing at a vast rate due to the technological revolution that continues to evolve. However, there are three main problems in technical recruiting. First, it’s expensive to hire engineers, especially if you go down the agency route. Second, it’s difficult to find talented engineer. Third, it’s very time-consuming. Hackajob was created to solve these problems.

The company uses technology to help match the right “techy” people with the right job. Those looking for work simply create a free profile with Hackajob, then complete engaging and unique challenges in their custom-built IDE (integrated development environment). Users then use Hackajob’s advanced interview management tool to pick and choose interview requests and land a job quicker than ever before. Employers, on the other hand, simply let Hackajob know what they are looking for. Clever data and human curation then presents them with a tailored shortlist of candidates, allowing for better and faster recruitment all round.

How they’re disrupting

Hackajob are revolutionising tech recruitment, making it easier for employers to hire the best talent and helping candidates find their dream job. Their content-driven user acquisition strategy allows them to build a unique talent pool of techy engineers and software experts. By providing more data up-front, more than 80% of candidates matched by Hackajob’s algorithms get progressed to the next stage.

Disruption potential

The UK’s digital technology industries are currently growing 32% faster than the rest of the UK’s economy, with £7 billion worth of tech recruitment fees spent in the UK every year.

Investments and future

Over £1 million has been raised to date, from investors such as Techstars, Downing Ventures or The London Co-Investment Fund. With increasing need for businesses to find the right technical staff, Hackajob is in a sector that needs disruption if we are to meet the global need for matching talent to employers.