Grabyo uses live cloud production and switching to provide real-time live streaming across multiple devices. In this way, it’s making the live video market compatible with social media. For instance, clips from a football match can now be streamed live into Facebook, along with live highlights, sponsorship and advertising graphics. It also allows for real-time social comments and reactions.

How they’re disrupting

Making the live video market compatible with social media is very exciting. Being able to clip and stream videos and live footage onto social media is bringing content to a much wider and engaged audience. Clips can be edited to become square or vertical – perfect for Instagram and Snapchat, while graphics and text can be overlaid onto the videos, to enable them to be watched without audio.

Disruption potential

By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smart phone users across the world, all with video capability. This, coupled with Facebook alone having almost 2 billion active users, shows the potential for Grabyo to become a common social media tool for almost a third of the world’s population is very real.

Investments and future

Grabyo has received $2 million seed funding from Marz Hazan and world-renowned footballers Cesc Fabregas, Marc Hazan, Robin Van Persie and Thierry Henry. With further development, Grabyo is poised to become an everyday social media tool for many of us.