Glue Home provides smart access for people’s homes, replacing a physical key with an app that enables the user to open their home remotely for deliveries whilst they’re away. First a home is fitted with a Glue Smart Lock, this connects to a phone app via encrypted Bluetooth, giving the user full control of their front door.

Digital keys can be shared with families and friends, and temporary keys can be created for specific purposes, such as for a babysitter or repairman. The Glue Smart Lock attaches to the door’s existing lock, does not damage the door and does not affect home insurance policies.

How they’re disrupting

It’s always a headache when parcels are delivered whilst no one is home. The app is currently being tested in the Swedish capital Stockholm by courier company Post Nord AB. When they enter a property, couriers remove their shoes and unpack any online food deliveries. Post Nord AB say that no longer having to plan deliveries around when people are at home has helped them organise more efficient delivery rounds and cut costs.

Disruption potential

Glue Home’s technology isn’t just limited to delivery and courier services. Any service that requires secure access to a household without the owner being present would benefit, from builders to cleaning companies. With the potential to be installed in every home, the reach of this company could be huge.

Investments and future

Glue Home has received $3 million in seed funding. Unlike some delivery ideas, such as drone deliveries, this app has the potential of becoming quickly operational on a large scale. The delivery and courier business is worth $242 billion worldwide, with nearly nine per cent of global retail sales occurring over the Internet. Roll out to other major cities is planned post the Stockholm pilot.