In many countries, companies and householders have to worry about when they are going to run out of gas, when a dispatcher will arrive and, in addition, check if they are getting what they are paying for. Gaszen is the first gas management platform focusing on this household issue. The wireless device replaces the old gas meter with a newer, better functioning one that connects to an app on a person’s phone. This app lets the user see how much gas is remaining and provides real time readings and consumption data. It also has alert notices, which help detect gas leaks, and a rank supplier list with a one-click call feature. The smart device is very easy to install, with a high-density polymer case that gives a better signal.

How they’re disrupting

What Gaszen is doing is to improve the gas industry with data that creates transparency, efficiency and profitability. With gas prices rising and budgets tightening, helping customers keep better tabs on their energy costs is a smart move. This platform allows for easy communication between the end user and gas supplier to get an efficient, transparent and reliable service.

Disruption potential

Globally there are 3 billion people who use gas propane, of which 45% of them are for domestic use. In Latin America, the third largest continent, 75% of the gas is consumed for domestic use. Despite the growth of renewable energy sources, natural gas is still by far the world’s leading energy source. Resources of it are still considered abundant, and robust production contributes to its strong competitive positioning. Natural gas remains a key fuel in the electric power sector and in the industrial sector.

Investments and future

Gaszen has received $735,000 from a mix of seed and angel funding and grants, including from Bizrupt, Brain Fusion, Campus Party and MassChallenge. The size of their first adopter target market for the next 3 year is of 374,000 stationary tanks. In México there are 4.5 million stationary tanks, which hold an annual growth of 2% according to Official National Statistics INEGI.