Fuzu is Africa’s fastest-growing career community. It’s a website and app, offering people access to job recommendations as well as education and career guidance. There are thousands of jobs on the site, ranging from entry to executive level, and applying is quick and easy. Jobs are recommended to people on the basis of their interests, experience, skills and career goals. The site also offers hundreds of free online courses to help people build their skills. Staying up to date with new jobs and market information is easy via its fresh blog posts, daily news and lively discussions.

How they’re disrupting

Fuzu is much more than a jobs board. It offers career-planning tools, learning opportunities, and discussions to help people progress in life, this is the game-changer for people finding work and careers in Kenya and wider East Africa. For instance, it offers personal career advice from professional coaches, and also instant feedback on questions and concerns, helping people understand who they are and which jobs they should apply for. It also runs a points system, where points can be accrued by active users and redeemed to access premium features.

Disruption potential

Youth unemployment in Kenya is as high as 80%, and between 2010 and 2020 there will be more than 122 million people entering the African job market. More than 800,000 people have used Fuzu to date.

Investments and future

Fuzu has received $2.7 million in funding from grants and investors including Finnfund, Barona and Polkuni. With significant unemployment across Kenya and neighbouring countries, Fuzu is looking to expand across Africa. They are aiming to have more than 20 million people using the platform by 2020 across Africa and Asia.