New social networking platform Flicksup is aiming to connect people over a love of movies. On a single platform, users will now be able to share their perspectives, rate and review films and discuss plot theories and other relevant content. As well as movies, the platform will include web series and other popular TV shows, broken up into different genres, such as crime or comedy. Flicksup allows users to login through their other social accounts and curates the users’ feed. The platform is now integrated with other popular social platforms, such as Facebook, allowing the users to share their posts on other platforms and expand their reach.

How they’re disrupting

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have pervaded society – but this is another ingenious idea, connecting people over movies they love.

Disruption potential

The global film industry is expected to be worth $50 billion by 2020. Film cuts across all geographies and individual wealth. In addition, the continued growth of social media sites bringing new interest-led communities together is at epidemic levels.

Investments and future

Flicksup has received services and credits worth $40,000 from Facebook. A future take over by a global social media giant is not an impossible goal.