Face++ is providing everything companies need in regard to face recognition. It allows for face detection, face comparing and face searching. It also spots face landmarks and attributes – key points of face components – and is able to analyse age, gender, plus a person’s emotions, head pose and eye status.

How they’re disrupting

Face++ is being used by a myriad of companies to build a range of powerful apps, from companies who use face recognition to log into video call applications, to share-riding transport services, where face recognition provides a safe and easy service for riders and drivers, helping to stop fraud and cheating. The technology is even being used on dating sites – helping people find faces they are fond of among thousands of profiles, bringing a significant improvement to the matching rate.

Disruption potential

The facial recognition market is due to reach over $6 billion by 2020. Much of this is fueled by global concerns over security and the ability for easy implantation of facial recognition technology across different devices.

Investments and future

No public data on funding is available. Face ++ aim to continue supplying their face recognition technology to companies across all sectors.