EggXYt seeks to transform the chicken and egg industry by introducing clever technology that can detect the sex of a chicken embryo before it is incubated. Currently, the only way to identify the sex of the chicken inside an egg is to incubate the eggs for three weeks in order to hatch them, then use humans to identify the sexes upon hatching. After this, the males are instantly killed, because they cannot lay eggs and are not fast-growing enough to be used for poultry. This practice is not only ugly, it is also very expensive and wasteful. However, it is important to note, this method is still seen by many as controversial, as many opponents would argue that the shift in ‘cruelty’ is simply being moved to an earlier stage of the chicks life cycle.

How they’re disrupting

EggXYt is now a global leader in revolutionising chicken hatcheries to make them a better place. They are developing technology that enables the sex detection of chick embryos immediately after the eggs are laid and before they enter the 21-day incubation process.

Disruption potential

The company plans to save the lives of three billion chicks a year by preventing their unnecessary incubation. It also saves the industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually by reducing their hatching capacity and staff. The programme also adds more than three billion eggs a year to the global food supply by sending the non-incubated male eggs to the food market.

Investments and future

The company has received $250 thousand from the 2016 Mass Challenge. EggXYt aims to influence poultry farming on a worldwide scale.