Dr CADx is a computer-aided diagnostic system that helps doctors diagnose medical images more accurately and at a low cost. It can also be used in place of doctors and radiologists in places where there aren’t any. Studies have shown the diagnostic accuracy of radiologists to be roughly 70%. As a result, of the 3.6 billion medical images taken each year, about 1 billion scans are misdiagnosed, resulting in patients frequently failing to get the right treatment on time, leading to undue suffering and even death. Dr CADx has developed a prototype that currently works with chest X-rays to diagnose TB and lung cancer, and achieves an accuracy of 82%.

How they’re disrupting

This clever diagnostic system reduces human errors by wrong diagnoses and will soon be available at any given time of the day, even in remote areas. In this way, it will greatly improve the quality of patient management and save lives, especially in the developing world.

Disruption potential

There is a serious scarcity of radiologists, especially in developing countries; with an estimated 170 million patients in Africa not have access to a radiologist to review their medical images. In Zimbabwe, for instance, only 15 radiologists serve a population of roughly 14 million.

Investments and future

No investment has been raised to date. The company is currently working on improving the accuracy and the robustness of it systems to deal with the subtleties of images taken with imaging equipment from different manufacturers. Dr CADx plan to complete development in October 2017, to be followed by clinical trials and then seeking regulatory approval in 4 countries before launching in January 2019. They are targeting to initially get regulatory approval in 3 countries – firstly in Zimbabwe and then the two largest African markets, South Africa and Nigeria.