In healthcare insurance, customers expect a definitive answer from the first call but the complexity of providing healthcare insurance is growing exponentially. Customers can suffer from one of up to 10,000 conditions, having some 5,000 symptoms across them; choose from 14,000 consultants, 22,000 therapists or visit one of over 600 UK hospitals. In response to this challenge, WPA has created DELOS, an autonomous operating system that uses machine learning and nascent artificial intelligence to augment the complex decisions healthcare insurers make every day.

How they’re disrupting

The machine learning and increasingly sophisticated AI at the heart of DELOS now ensures staff make the right decision every time and have the capacity to super-serve every single customer. Staff training time has been reduced by 95%, allowing them to focus on interpersonal skills. Since deployment, more than 40,000 claims have been authorised with 100% accuracy. Before DELOS, perhaps as much as 15% of customer treatment was paused pending further information from their doctor – today, that figure is less than 1%.

Disruption potential

Whilst DELOS operates within the healthcare insurance sector, its architecture and machine learning prowess are recognised as having the potential to disrupt the broader £330 billion Insurance sector and beyond. In an industry struggling with legacy systems, WPA has built a platform that’s authorising 99.1% of all claims on first contact, with 100% accuracy. With its modular architecture, DELOS has the potential to define the 21st century insurance business – one that’s both transparent and humane.

Investments and future

DELOS has a £3 million internal investment.