Deep Glint is a hi-tech camera and advanced security system that can quickly spot troublemakers in a crowd and alert the police. Unlike most existing surveillance systems that film in 2D video and require security staff to sift through hours of footage, Deep Glint uses a laser emitter and visually senses objects moving in 3D. It then automatically raises an alert when it identifies people fighting, falling or lingering in an area.

How they’re disrupting

Deep Glint is making areas more secure and slashing the time investigators need to sift through security-camera images. Several Chinese banks are already testing this technology, with a view to installing it at key sites, including Tiananmen Square and Beijing airport.

Disruption potential

Banks are an ideal setting for this technology because they need to be on high alert all the time. Just one of the four big banks in China has roughly 15,000 domestic branches alone that Deep Glint are piloting in.

Investments and future

The company has received $18 million in funding to date. The technology will be scaled out across the banking sector in China later this year.