Curation Corp uses a combination of the best technology and human curators to help users monitor risk through feeds and alerts. It has adopted the principles of the sharing and on-demand economy, so creates content only when there is a specific demand for it. In this way, it is customising knowledge for people – searching through information from 1.2 million sources, Curation Corp finds, organises and edits relevant data to present their clients with personalised intelligence that aims to give them a competitive edge and warn them of any risks that might otherwise have gone unseen.

How they’re disrupting

Data is becoming the most valuable resource in the 21st century. Curation Corp is making this wealth of information work for companies. By being a professional risk monitoring and intelligence service, it is managing the exponential growth of content via professionally curated feeds.

Disruption potential

63% of all Facebook users use the social media site in any given week for finding, reading, discussing, or sharing news, compared with 57% last year. The proportion of 18–24s using Facebook has also grown, although this age group has also started to widen its use of other social media networks, such as Snapchat and Instagram. With so much information at our digital fingertips, a service providing on demand information for individuals or teams has a significant, potential global profile of customers.

Investments and future

Curation Corp raised £1 million as part of a 2016 funding round, but expects to be cash generative in the fourth quarter as more companies sign up. Expansion across geographies as global corporates take up the service is now in reach.