CognitionX is a market intelligence platform bringing clarity to the complex and fast-paced world of artificial intelligence. The main feature of CognitionX is its constantly evolving directory, containing millions of items that are AI related. The data base covers everything from vendors offering software and hardware products to events, research projects and courses. It’s organized on a platform that allows users to search by industry, use case, location or domain, demystifying the technology and helping to develop meaningful solutions. CognitionX is driven by the mission to democratise access to the information and research on the products and resources required to build AI solutions..

How they’re disrupting

CognitionX is bringing clarity to the rapidly accelerating and hugely fragmented AI market. It is a free and efficient way for organisations to self-educate and make better decisions about deploying AI in their business. By organising all the information from the industry and making it universally accessible, CognitionX empowers everyone to access and rapidly deploy AI, working with business, governments and individuals.

Disruption potential

The AI market is expected to be worth $70 billion by 2020. It is emerging at an incredible speed and is probably going to impact every aspect of our life, driving unprecedented levels of automation across many industries. There is already a significant need to capture and curate what is happening in AI and support to train global workforces in its capabilities.

Investments and future

No investment data has been made public. The company is currently running a pilot with 500 Computer Science and Data Science students at UCL (University College London).