This pioneering artificial intelligence company is helping companies see patterns and insights in their data. Cambridge Intelligence’s first product, KeyLines, is a flexible network visualisation toolkit designed for law enforcement, fraud detection and counter terrorism. Its purpose is to uncover network structures behind an organisation’s data. The company says: “Understanding communications patterns is key to preventing crime in the 21st century. We help organisations filter out the noise and find the people and events they need to focus on.”

How they’re disrupting

By using network visualisation applications and powerful analysis techniques, such as the KeyLines JavaScript toolkit, companies are better able to combat fraudulent activity and other cyber security concerns. The data in these areas is vast, complex and highly-connected, but KeyLines makes it possible to visualise this data, making it accessible to the analysts who need to understand it.

Disruption potential

By 2021, the cyber security market is set to be worth $203 billion and the disruptive potential of Cambridge Intelligence is significant. For instance, in recent years, UK police forces have found their budgets squeezed while their responsibilities have increased, especially around cybercrime. Police forces have a wealth of data available to them to predict and prevent crime, thus saving money, but an inability to interpret that data across agencies has remained a huge barrier to effective operations.

Investments and future

Cambridge Intelligence has taken no external investment. Their growth has been organic, driven by sales revenue. Although initial adopters are Law Enforcers, the company believe the technology can be used across any sector.