Brandtone is a mobile marketing company focused on bringing together mobile technology, data insights and marketing expertise to help brands grow connections, deepen relationships and achieve sustained growth in sales and market share. It does so by connecting brands such as Unilever and Kellogg’s with their small, independent traders that sell them, via mobile phones. In this way, it helps both the brands and the independent shops make more money.

How they’re disrupting

Brandtone gathers commercial intelligence and data on the store owners and how they do business. This allows for future messaging to be highly targeted, providing the retailer with valuable information to help them grow their business. For the brands, this approach brings enhanced visibility, management and control of their distribution chain.  By building long-term relationships with those who operate in the independent trade channel, sales and distribution are increased.

Disruption potential

Trade in developing and emerging markets is dominated by small stores (95% of retail sales in many countries), which are a notoriously difficult segment to reach at scale. Brandtone allows brands to connect with, motivate, incentivise and reward independent retailers via their mobile phones.

Investments and future

The company received €53 million, including €18.5million from a series D funding round that saw Area Capital Corporation as the lead investor. It has already seen huge success in Colombia, Russia and India and will now focus on Asia.