Be My Eyes is an innovative new technological aid which allows volunteers to download an app, sign up, and effectively ‘lend their eyes’ to the blind. Visually impaired users can use the app to find volunteers willing to guide and instruct them with things like reading an expiration date, figuring out what a photograph looks like or reading signs in an unfamiliar location.

How they’re disrupting

The iOS app provides a video stream, similar to a video calling app, that connects the blind with the able-sighted who are available to lend a hand. Visually impaired iPhone users can navigate to the app with ease using Apple’s Voiceover feature. From there they then make a live request which alerts volunteers via SMS.

Disruption potential

There are 250 million visually impaired people around the world.

Investments and future

So far Be My Eyes has received small investment in the form of a grants, and more recently $350,000 of angel investment, reaching total funding of $650,000. The app is currently only available for iOS, but the startup hopes to add Android in the future through further grant funding. Be My Eyes will to take the App into the Developing World where almost 90% of blind and partially sighted people live.