Azitra has created an innovative platform for treating skin disease, using sophisticated molecular, genetic and microbiological techniques from the skin’s own microbiome. One of its procedures uses AZT-01, a recombinant strain of a safe-skin bacterium that secretes therapeutic proteins locally into the skin, helping treat diseases. When applied topically in this way, these bacteria colonise the skin, restoring the microbiome while treating the skin condition with therapeutic proteins. This new kind of dermatology treatment is safe, highly targeted, and has fewer side effects than what’s currently available for often intractable conditions.

How they’re disrupting

The current approach of only addressing the symptoms of a skin disease is ineffective in truly treating it. Using the microbiome is a nascent area of ground-breaking science that has enormous potential.

Disruption potential

20% of children worldwide are thought to have some kind of eczema alone.

Investments and future

The company has received total funding of $3.75 million to date. With this funding, Azitra will be able to push on with its work across a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, atopic dermatitis, MRSA, rare genetic skin diseases and cosmetic applications.