Apolitical is helping governments and public servants tackle urgent challenges by connecting them to the most innovative policies and people worldwide. Essentially, it is a global network for governments, helping public servants find the ideas, people and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing our societies. Such problems can range from the current refugee crisis, to cyber security or adapting to an increasingly automated workforce.

How they’re disrupting

Often, governments around the world have similar problems, yet public servants are working under tight time-constraints in silos. As such, good ideas can often remain confined to a country or sector. This leads to a duplication of effort, wasted taxpayer money and poorer services for citizens. The world is used to sharing ideas and learning from others, and Apolitical is bringing this concept to governments.

Disruption potential

This new approach to solving common problems could potentially impact everyone on the planet. It aims to empower people by influencing public services run by governments and corporates alike. Apolitical already has gained an impressive list of clients including: The World Bank, World Economic Forum, Cabinet Office (UK), Chatham House and the Huffington Post.

Investments and future

No investment data has been made public. Apolitical’s current client list is providing them with a wide platform to tackle issues on a global scale.