Adhesys Medical is bringing novel surgical sealants to physicians to help them save lives and improve patient comfort and quality of life. Polyurethane is a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material, but what’s disruptive about it is the clever way it works as a surgical sealant.

Firstly, although entirely synthetic, the surgical products made from polyurethane are completely biocompatible and biodegradable, handy if placed inside a body. Secondly, they are hydrophilic in nature, meaning their chemical composition excels in wet environments, making wounds heal faster. Thirdly, the sealants have a honey-like viscosity, allowing them to be applied even to uneven wounds. They are also high-strength and flexible, being able to seal high-pressure wounds while adapting to underlying tissue and forming a second skin resistant to bodily movements. As off-the-shelf products, the Adhesys glues are especially suitable for emergency situations, as they do not require any mixing or thawing prior to application.

How they’re disrupting

Adhesys Medical sealants are based on a first-of-its-kind polyurethane technology, for which Adhesys Medical owns all patents. Not only can they be used in established hospitals to save lives, their off-the-shelf approach makes them suitable for uses in emergency situations, like war zones.

Disruption potential

The surgical adhesives market is predicted to be worth $2.96 billion by 2021. The disruption Adhesys Medical sealants offer is their wide application and versatility, going beyond current hospital use.

Investments and future

In March 2015 Adhesys Medical took part in the TMCx accelerator programme, receiving undisclosed investment for their involvement. The company then won the MassChallenge Boston Diamond award of $100,000 in November 2016.

Since applications for Disrupt100 closed, Adhesys Medical was acquired by the German pharmaceutical Grünenthal Group. Through the acquisition, the group has obtained worldwide development and commercialisation rights of the surgical sealants together with the underlying technology platform.