9 Spokes provides small businesses and start-ups with one smart dashboard for powerful insights. It brings business data together in a single place and reveals key information about personal and company performance. This makes it easier to manage or grow a business, primarily by bringing clarity to help people make important decisions. 9 Spokes also recommends apps best suited to particular industries. Customised widgets can be added to reveal the key information needed to grow a business. The 9 Spokes dashboard can be accessed from anywhere on any device, offering access to the best resources to make the most of any business.

How they’re disrupting

By taking data from a company’s apps and making sense of it, 9 Spokes provides an overview of that business, enabling the managers to see patterns and trends, such as cash flow, people and sales. It can even share this information with advisors to help the business stay ahead of the competition.

Disruption potential

Many businesses worldwide are small and resource poor. However, they all need to make sense of their business through data to enable them to manage and even scale. 9 Spokes has a role in supporting many businesses across all sectors.

Investments and future

No investment data has been made public to dare.  9 Spokes is currently offering its service worldwide.