Memgraph is the world’s first real-time, high performance, scalable graph database, which stores, manages and accesses interconnected data to answer complex questions. Its speed and scale allow the world’s leading organisations to comprehend data at over ten times the speed of other existing solutions. By combining high-performance algorithms, lock-free data structure techniques and in-memory primary storage Memgraph is significantly outperforming market leaders across the majority of graph queries, especially in complex-use cases using deeply interconnected massive datasets.

How they’re disrupting

Memgraph is making high performance graph databases accessible to every enterprise, when before its expensive hardware and software meant it was only available to major tech businesses. Whilst previous attempts to generalize this ability were unsatisfactory, particularly when dealing with complex-use cases, Memgraph is not only matching the performance of graph databases used by tech giants, it is making it available to everyone.

Disruption potential

From 2011 to 2017, graph databases have grown from $100 million representation in market opportunity to $1 billion in market opportunity. According to Gartner Research, graph databases are the fastest growing category in database management systems.

Investments and future

In December 2016, Memgraph closed a £1.7 million seed round led by Connect Ventures. Memgraph’s goal is to become the market leader in high-performance graph technology and allow cutting edge Fortune 500 companies to understand highly connected data at unimaginable scale and speed on commodity hardware for decades to come.