Arsitag is an online marketplace for architects and interior designers that is focusing on transforming Indonesian housing stock. The company offers a platform connecting designers with home-owners, enabling them to showcase their work. The team’s vision is to transform Arsitag into a thriving portal that brings together aspiring home-owners, architects, construction service providers and the best products to make beautiful homes.

How they’re disrupting

According to Arsitag’s estimates, only about 10-15% of homes in Indonesia are designed by architects. The majority of homeowners use contractors, who bring construction experience, but place less emphasis on design. This is a stark contrast to more developed countries like Singapore, where about 70% of property development engages design professionals. With Arsitag’s help, more Indonesian homeowners will switch to architects for unique, site-specific designs.

Disruption potential

Some 400,000 new homes are built in Indonesia each year.

Investments and future

The company has received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from East Ventures. The company has ambitions across the SE Asia market.