Bellabeat creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track their overall health and wellness. One product allows women to listen and record their baby’s heartbeat to enhance bonding. Other products are designed to look like jewellery but are actually health trackers which use advanced technology to predict stress. They also record activities the user does, from running to swimming. The wearer then connects to the Bellabeat app, getting a real-time overview of their daily activities, steps taken and calories burned. This helps the wearer understand how movements affect their health.

How they’re disrupting

Health and wellness sales are set to hit a high of $1 trillion this year. By developing products that will help the company learn more about the science behind female bodies, Bellabeat is helping women reach their full potential, whilst also working to continue developing their own technology.

Disruption potential

Half the world’s population are women. The wearable technology market has seen great success in wrist devices to support healthy living. There is still much space and growth to be found in a wider use of wearables that double up as jewellery as well as healthy living monitors to help us all make better life decisions.

Investments and future

Bellabeat is a Top 5 Y-Combinator company from the W14 class. It has received $4.5 million seed to date. Bellabeat plan to continue to develop their technology in order to further personalise their data to their users.